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FedScoop: DARPA Director Arati Prabhakar Discusses AI Advancement, Limitations

Arati Prabhakar
Arati Prabhakar

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Director Arati Prabhakar told her audience at an Atlantic Council event that artificial intelligence is still in the infancy stage as new technologies emerge, FedScoop reported Monday.

Billy Mitchell writes that the research agency invests in the advancement of AI and looks to address its limitations in what Prabhakar refers to as the “second wave of AI.”

“It’s a wave that is about machines that learn,” said Prabhakar.

“It’s been fueled by new GPU architectures, by new algorithms and especially by the vastness of data that’s available for these systems to train on,” she added.

The DARPA director also discussed AI’s limitations compared to humans in areas such as image identification, FedScoop said.

Prabhakar also noted that a human element will always be present throughout the “third wave” advancement of AI to a stage where machine learning will affect Defense Department decision-making on the battlefield, the report said.

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