FTC-Lockheed Identity Theft Recovery Website Gets ACT-IAC Award; Scott Gray Comments

Scott Gray
Scott Gray

The Federal Trade Commission and Lockheed Martin have received recognition at an American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council event for FTC’s identity theft recovery website developed by Lockheed.

Lockheed and FTC received the “Impacter Dynamite Award” at the 2016 ACT-IAC Igniting Innovation Awards event for IdentityTheft.gov, a website that works to assist identity theft victims, the company said Tuesday.

“The FTC received more than 490,000 identity theft complaints in 2015, which represents a 50 percent increase from 2014,” noted Scott Gray, vice president of information technology and security solutions at Lockheed’s information systems and global solutions unit.

Lockheed IS&GS created the online portal, which the company said provides a platform for consumers to report identity theft cases and access information on recovery.

Consumers can use tools available on IdentityTheft.gov to report their complaints to police, credit bureaus and the Internal Revenue Service, the company added.

IdentityTheft.gov, which launched on Jan. 21, also features Web chat and call center support.

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