NATO Leaders Discuss Readiness Action Plan Implementation Steps

partnershipNATO leaders have agreed to develop a flexible conditions-based plan for the Resolute Support Mission at a military committee meeting in Brussels, the Defense Department said Thursday.

Jim Garamone writes Czech army’s Gen. Petr Pavel, U.S. Army Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti and Gen. Denis Mercier of the French air force briefed reporters after the military committee meeting.

All chiefs in attendance reviewed progress of the readiness action plan implementation as well as the alliance’s strategies moving forward.

“What was clear from our strategy session this morning is that it is paramount that NATO continues to have a full range of capabilities at its disposal in order to counter any threat from any direction in a 360 approach,” said Pavel.

Garamone added Scaparrotti — who participated in his first meeting as supreme allied commander — detailed the progress made over the years including the NATO Response Force, Very High Readiness Joint Task Force and the establishment of Multinational Corps North East.

“Our alliance has remained united through the decades, committed to our solemn pledge to defend each other,” said Scaparrotti.

The report added chiefs discussed threats from the southern flank noting military actions that NATO could commence to address project stability.

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