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NTIA Urges Policymakers to Bolster Privacy, Security Strategies for Online Services

cybersecurityA study by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration shows that Americans have begun limiting online activity due to concerns over the privacy and security of online services.

The U.S. Census Bureau surveyed over 41,000 households in support of NTIA’s push to acknowledge reported data breaches, cybersecurity and other incidents, NTIA policy analyst Rafi Goldberg wrote in a blog entry posted Friday.

Goldberg said NTIA works to urge policymakers to develop new strategies to address mistrust in Internet services and its effects on the economy and the free exchange of information online.

NTIA will continue analyzing the collected data as well as potential policies — including the deployment of encryption and other security measures — to aid trust-building efforts for Internet use and the flow of commerce and information online, he added.

NTIA also conducted several multistakeholder processes designed to update private sector online privacy and cybersecurity practices as well as other policies connected to the Internet of Things, Goldberg wrote.

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