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Wired: Pentagon Gives Israel Nod to Custom Fit F-35

F-35The Pentagon has authorized Israel to make modifications and repairs to the Lockheed Martin-built F-35 fighter jet, Wired reported Tuesday.

Eric Adams writes Israel is set to receive the Joint Strike Fighter plane in December and becomes the first U.S. ally to obtain approval to customize the F-35 aircraft.

Israel will install its own command-and-control software onto the jet and also plans to incorporate a domestic missile system, Wired reports.

Lockheed Martin and the Pentagon’s F-35 Joint Program Office are discussing the customization effort with Israel, the report said.

The Pentagon expects to issue a final decision later this year after it validates that Israel’s systems fit with the F-35’s native systems and that the country’s Nevatim air base maintenance facility maintains security, Adams reports.

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