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Army Picks Humvee Vehicle for Scout Units

humveeThe U.S. Army has decided to select a Humvee replacement vehicle for the service’s scout units instead of a light reconnaissance vehicle, Military.com reported Friday.

Matthew Cox writes the Army ditched its initial plan to equip its infantry brigade combat teams with light reconnaissance vehicle in order to destroy hostile reconnaissance formations.

The service launched a request for information in January 2015 for an LRV platform able to carry six soldiers and a weapon system such as a 30mm cannon, according to the report.

The Army told the publication that LRV is currently not an Army program and that the service began to field the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle with sensor and lethality upgrades to retire the Scout HMMWVs.

The Army selected Oshkosh in August 2015 to build the JLTV for both the Army and the U.S. Marine Corps.

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