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Army Updates Flagship Website in Branding Campaign Push; Zack Kevit Comments

online licensingThe U.S. Army has updated its flagship website to meet current web standards, add “gloss” and emphasize the service branch’s communications campaigns.

The Army said Monday the creative team for the new Army.mil design worked to adhere with the Enterprise Army Brand and feature colors, typefaces, graphics and the Army logo and camouflage patterns for its branding strategy across magazine, TV, web and newspaper advertising.

“All of the design decisions, the layout decisions, the coding decisions, and the framework we use to display the content, has been driven by the goal to make the site more mobile-friendly … because that’s the direction our audience is moving,” said Zack Kevit, the Army.mil project manager.

Army.mil programmers have also enabled HTTPS and HTTP/2 network protocols on the website to address security, speed and performance concerns.

The website also features new visual centerpiece functions to serve as the Army’s digital bulletin board for promotions of different types of content within one structure, the Army added.

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