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DHS Releases Advisory Bulletin on Homegrown Violent Extremism

DHS - ExecutiveMosaicThe Department of Homeland Security has published a new National Terrorism Advisory System bulletin to inform the public of general trends or developments regarding terrorism.

DHS said in its five-month bulletin released Wednesday it remains concerned that terrorists-inspired individuals and homegrown violent extremists could launch attacks inside the U.S.

The department has also observed that terrorists choose a “diverse and wide selection” of targets as shown by attacks in San Bernardino, California, and in Orlando, Florida, as well as in Paris and Brussels.

Terrorists’ use of internet to attract new recruits also remains a concern for the department.

DHS also acknowledged threats could be directed at communities and individuals of a particular religion, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation.

The FBI investigates potential terrorism-related activities across the U.S. while federal, state and local authorities work to facilitate law enforcement and community outreach programs to help address the growing threat.

DHS advised the public to report suspicious activities to law enforcement, prepare for increased security and listen to public safety and law enforcement officials.

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