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Michael Rogers: Cyber Guard Exercise to Teach Defense/Economic Sectors About Cyber Strategies

cyber-hack-network-computerThe Joint Chiefs of Staff-hosted Cyber Guard exercise has discussed lessons on possible cyber threat scenarios and response strategies, DoD News reported Saturday.

Karen Parrish writes approximately 800 representatives from 100 organizations including the Department of Homeland Security, Defense DepartmentFederal Aviation Administration and FBI participated in the nine-day event.

“I believe it’s our ability to team together that’s going to help our nation and the broader coalition… deal with these challenges,” said U.S. Navy Adm. Michael Rogers,  head of U.S. Cyber Command and National Security Agency director.

Rogers noted that Cyber Guard supports a suite of annual exercises that work to prepare the defense and economic sectors against cyber threats.

Parrish writes that the event utilized a simulated environment in efforts to build on cyber resilience and cooperation.

Other participants in the exercise included 10 National Guard teams representing 13 states as well as power companies, port facilities and foreign allies such as Australia, Canada and the U.K., the report said.

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