NSF’s Rebecca Ferrell & Fort Worth Police Sgt. Troy Lawrence to Join National Commission on Forensic Science

forensic evidence, identity checkNational Science Foundation Biological Anthropology Program Director Rebecca Ferrell and Sgt. Troy Lawrence — director of the digital forensic lab for Fort Worth, Texas’ police department — will join the National Commission on Forensic Science that develops policy recommendations for the attorney general.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology said Thursday Ferrell and Lawrence will replace outgoing commissioner Mark Weiss and fellow former member Bill Crane, who will relocate to a new overseas position.

“Since its inception, the commission has benefitted from the contributions of some of America’s most prominent scientists and forensic practitioners,” NIST Director Willie May said.

“I have no doubt that our newest commissioners will continue this proud tradition as we work together to strengthen the science that underpins the forensic evidence used in the U.S. judicial system.”

May and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates co-chair the commission that includes federal, state and local forensic science service providers as well as research scientists, academics, law enforcement officials, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges and other stakeholders from across the country.

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