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Report: FEMA Plans App Redesign With Ambit Group

mobile appThe Federal Emergency Management Agency will collaborate with Ambit Group to update a mobile application the company originally developed for the agency to disseminate safety tips and tools, GCN reported Thursday.

Derek Major writes FEMA and Ambit Group will redesign the app to make it easier for users to access agency-provided information.

“Right now we’re in the process of a redesign to make things more interactive, but the underlying goal is to keep the app simple,” Craig Douglas, a program manager at the Ambit Group, was quoted as saying.

The report said the app was launched by FEMA in 2012 and allows users to receive weather alerts for as many as five locations in the U.S. as well as features GPS maps that people can use offline in the event of a disaster.

The agency also offers information on emergency kit development, emergency shelters and disaster assistance programs through the app, Major noted.

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