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Army Works to Refine Electronic Warfare Strategies; Jeffrey Church Comments

electronic warfareThe U.S. Army has started to polish the service’s electronic warfare tactics, techniques and procedures in an effort to help maintain battlefield operations if a system malfunctions, Defense News reported Friday.

Jen Judson writes Col. Jeffrey Church, head of the Army’s electronic warfare division, said one method the military branch uses to address EW issues is to train soldiers on how to combat EW attacks and properly run electronic systems in the field.

Church told Defense News the Army will use the results from the Anakonda national military exercise in Poland last month to update the branch’s EW strategies.

He added the Army did not perform electronic warfare events during a live-fire demonstration at the exercise for safety purposes and only employed a training method where a soldier received a card that indicated there was trouble, according to the report.

The report said the Army plans to conduct a training session at the National Training Center in California next month to refine EW tactics for electromagnetic spectrum operations with the goal to address natural interference issues.

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