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DARPA to Hold Cyber Grand Challenge in August; Mike Walker Comments

cyber-hack-network-computerThe Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency will hold on Aug. 4 the final event of the Cyber Grand Challenge in Las Vegas where seven computer programs will compete against each other to detect and patch software code vulnerabilities in computer networks.

DARPA will hold the Capture the Flag competition as part of the challenge in conjunction with DEF CON hacking conference, the agency said Wednesday.

The cybersecurity tools were developed by seven teams that DARPA selected through a technology demonstration in June 2015.

DARPA will select the winning computer program to compete against human cyber hackers in another live competition to be held on Aug. 5 at the Paris Hotel and Conference Center in Las Vegas.

“We certainly don’t expect any machine to win against humans at DEF CON this year,” said Mike Walker, a program manager at DARPA who unveiled the Cyber Grand Challenge in 2013.

“But at a minimum we’ll learn a lot from seeing how the systems fare against each other, and if we can even provide a clear proof of concept for autonomous cyber defense, that would be revolutionary.”

DARPA will award approximately $4 million in total prizes to winning teams.

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