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DoD Asks Congress to Reprogram $2.6B in Funds

BudgetThe Defense Department has asked Congress’ approval to shift approximately $2.6 billion in fiscal 2016 funds across defense programs, Defense News reported Thursday.

Aaron Mehta writes the programming request that DoD Comptroller Mike McCord submitted to Congress June 30 includes a proposal to move $583 million in funds to the operations and maintenance budget from defense working capital funds.

The U.S. Army would see a budget increase of $267 million under the reprogramming request, the Navy would get $467 million in added funds and the Air Force would see a $273 million boost, Mehta reports.

Sydney J. Freedberg Jr. also reports for Breaking Defense that House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-Texas) has said he believes Congress should approve the fiscal 2017 defense policy bill that would increase defense spending.

Thornberry noted that the Senate and House should work to deal with the top-line budget for the proposed 2017 National Defense Authorization Act.

“The job for us is to try to do our best to come to agreement on the NDAA before the end of September,” he added, according to the report.

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