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DOE Picks Argonne Natl Lab Consortium to Support US-China Truck Efficiency Research Program

research and development RDThe Energy Department has chosen an Argonne National Laboratory-led consortium to explore new technologies that can help reduce fuel consumption and carbon emission from medium- to heavy-duty trucks.

DoE said Friday that Argonne will lead a team comprised of Cummins, Freightliner Custom Chassis, Ohio State University, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Purdue University and the University of Michigan to support the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center’s Truck Research Utilizing Collaborative Knowledge program.

“Freight hauling by trucks is a significant source of energy consumption and pollution around the world, and the fuel savings promised by the technology advances under this CERC-TRUCK program will help to combat climate change while advancing low-carbon economies,” noted Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

DOE plans to invest $12.5 million in the program while the consortium’s non-federal partners seek to match or exceed the department’s allocated funds to generate at least $25 million for the effort.

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and its consortium partners pledged to spend as much as $25 million over 5 years to help finance the program, the department noted.

The Argonne National Laboratory-led team will conduct research into internal combustion engines, energy management systems, hybrid electric powertrains, lightweighting and aerodynamics of medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping announced CERC-TRUCK in September 2015 to build on the center’s efforts to develop energy conservation technologies for vehicles, buildings, coal and water-related technology.

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