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Pentagon Small Business Office Issues Funds for DISA Cyber Tech Development Effort

cybersecurityThe Defense Information Systems Agency has received $9.7 million from the Defense Department‘s small business programs office to fund the development of technologies in support of the country’s warfighters.

DISA said Tuesday its Rapid Innovation Fund program will receive funds within the $3 million maximum allowance DISA would get from OSD OSBP to complete, transition and support cybersecurity proposals such as transport layer security inspection, cyber intelligence as a service and credential misuse detection within two years.

“The team works with OSD Office of Small Business Programs to acquire funding for small businesses for innovative projects specifically in cyber security,” said Erin Maultsby, DISA’s RIF coordinator and portfolio manager.

“The FY17 RIF initiatives will be structured so that DOD Chief Information Office/DISA can focus on several topics of interest to the Services such as better situational awareness, asset visibility, cross domain solutions, and evolving the topic of two factor authentication and network access,” said John Mills, cybersecurity division chief for the Pentagon’s chief information officer.

DISA designed the Rapid Innovation Fund program to provide a collaborative vehicle for small businesses to provide technologies for DoD for potential additions to acquisition programs that meet specific defense needs.

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