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Report Outlines Priority Tech Areas for DHS’ Integrated Product Teams

research and development RDThe Department of Homeland Security has published a report that outlines 24 focus areas of  technology research-and-development initiatives by DHS’ integrated product teams in fiscal year 2016.

DHS said Monday it categorized the IPTs’ technical focus areas into aviation security, biological threats, border security, cybersecurity and counterterrorism.

“Threats to our homeland are evolving quickly, and DHS operators need technologies that will best support their efficient response,” said Reginald Brothers, DHS under secretary for science and technology.

“Now that we have established the IPTs, DHS has a central process to allow our stakeholders to provide feedback on the varying technologies they need on the ground.”

Each team is chaired by a component executive and comprises senior-level representatives across the department.

DHS formed the IPTs to help centralize the department’s R&D data-gathering process and identify strategies to address homeland security challenges as part of the Unity of Effort initiative.

The groups will follow an annual cycle to provide information on future R&D projects, acquisition and budgets for the department to carry out its missions.

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