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Terry Halvorsen: DoD-Industry Partnership Key to ‘Agile’ Cybersecurity

Terry Halvorsen
Terry Halvorsen

Defense Department Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen has said DoD needs to build a robust partnership with companies in order to maintain an agile cybersecurity infrastructure, Federal News Radio reported Thursday.

Meredith Somers writes Halvorsen is working to push for discussions between the government and industry through his trips to various technology communities, most recently in Silicon Valley, where he toured corporate facilities to gain insight into cloud computing and security clearance systems.

“I’m happy to push at that envelope from my side, you’ve got to be pushing from your side,” he told the National Defense Industrial Association’s second Executive National Security Forum in Washington, according to the station.

“How do you get the best partnership that provides you the best answer? We have to have a better understanding of value discussions between us and industry,” he added.

Halvorsen told the forum that DoD and its allies need to share data more quickly and that the Silicon Valley trip was part of efforts to discuss new information technology approaches with industry, the station reports.

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