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GAO Recommends Air Force to Revise Guidance for Reserve Personnel Assessment

Northrop-Grumman-B-2-aircraftThe Government Accountability Office has called on the U.S. Air Force to change guidance for the frequency of personnel requirements assessment in Reserve Component headquarters.

GAO said Friday it analyzed the trends in full-time support roles at Army and Air Force Reserve Components’ headquarters and in four states since fiscal year 2013 and examined how the Defense Department assessed personnel requirements for those headquarters since FY 2013.

Auditors found that authorized full-time support positions at those headquarters decreased in total number from 7,407 to 5,041 positions between fiscal years 2013 and the current 2016.

GAO also noticed an increase in the total number of authorized full-time support positions for the National Guards in Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey and Texas over the same period.

According to GAO, the Air Force lacked assessments for its Air National Guard headquarters and the Office of the Director for the Air National Guard since November 2013.

“As the Air Force considers revising its guidance, it has an opportunity to clarify the frequency with which its organizations should conduct these assessments,” GAO said.

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