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Gen. Paul Selva: Innovation Ideas Exist Across DoD, Military

Gen. Paul Selva
Gen. Paul Selva

U.S. Air Force Gen. Paul Selva, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the ideas of reform and innovation has spread in the military, DoD News reported Thursday.

Jim Garamone writes Selva discussed the Defense Department‘s “state of innovation” at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Thursday to collect ideas and knowledge from younger officers, noncommissioned officers and civilian employees.

“Innovation is about tactical, operational and strategic choices within organizations to adopt new ways of doing things … It can make the organization more effective or more efficient, or possibly both,” noted Selva.

Selva added reform and innovation are required to address challenges that the country will face such as activities in China and Russia, as well as Iran and Korea’s alleged interest to possess nuclear systems.

The general noted the military seeks to help personnel with risk assessment efforts in order to mitigate or prevent unacceptable scenarios that involve the death of people or failure of a mission.

Selva added the military constantly looks at the cause of risks in an effort to develop countermeasures against imaginative competitors that might challenge the U.S. as well as its allies and partners.

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