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MDA Head James Syring: Agency Eyes Laser Tech to Support Future Military Operations

James Syring
James Syring

Vice Adm. James Syring, Missile Defense Agency director, told the Space and Missile Defense Symposium that he believes laser technology will play a role in future military operations, Defense News reported Aug. 24.

Jen Judson writes Syring discussed the agency’s demand for directed energy for discrimination and maturation for an eventual boost-phase defense program.

Syring noted the MDA will conduct test of lasers on Reaper unmanned aircraft systems over the next few years that might lead to the release of a Low-Power Laser Demonstrator in 2021 which will help the agency acquire a higher power laser that will demonstrate discrimination and prototype.

“We are pursuing the technology in trying to mature, not just the technology, but drive the size and weight down where we can start to think operationally about what that means,” Syring said.

Syring added also wants a fiber-combined laser and Diode Pumped Alkali Laser System that has been opened up to industry for ideas, concepts and other technologies.

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