NIST Cybersecurity Center to Utilize Standards-Based Strategies

cyberwarfareThe National Institute of Standards and Technology‘s National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence will work to address cybersecurity concerns of businesses through standards-based strategies using commercially available technologies.

Mobile Application Single Sign-on project draft published July 25 on the NIST website says NCCoE will collaborate with industry, academy and government experts as well as members of the Public Safety and First Responder community and vendors of cybersecurity systems to build integrated, open, end-to-end reference designs.

NCCoe will also aim to deliver single sign-on capacity for native, web and browser-based applications.

“Mobile platforms offer a significant operational advantage to public safety stakeholders by giving them access to mission critical information and services while deployed in the field, during training and exercises, or participating in the day-to-day business and preparations during non-emergency periods,” the notice states.

The report added the project will work to explore multi-factor authenticators as future networks are brought online, as well as build on an interoperable system built to accept different types of authenticators for access to online systems.

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