US Army Tests Integration of Cyber Teams With Maneuver Commanders

Cyber QuestThe U.S. Army has started to explore the potential role of cyber teams in support of maneuver commanders’ efforts to gain situational data within an information environment.

The 1st Infantry Division’s 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team incorporated cyber effects during a recent rotation at Fort Irwin’s National Training Center in late July and August as part of the Cyber Support to Corps and Below pilot program, the Army said Wednesday.

NTC maintains mock cities and villages across mountains and deserts in an area roughly the size of Rhode Island.

Lt. Col. Jon Burnett Burnett, chief of Army Cyber Command’s CSCB, said the CSCB experiments demonstrated that maneuver commanders could gain an advantage in cyberspace.

Maj. Deonand Singh, operations officer for the 781st Military Intelligence Battalion, added that the cyber team carried out activities against an opposing force during this rotation.

The expeditionary team first surveyed the training scenario’s information environment to view the adversary’s activities and transmitted data to an analytical cell for actionable intelligence.

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