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US to Expand Defense Cooperation With Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania Via Joint Declaration

military in trainingThe U.S. has reached an agreement with Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania to increase defense cooperation in order to ensure security in the Baltic region amid the evolving security environment there.

The U.S. and the three Baltic States plan to hold regular meetings to discuss national resilience, border security, maritime, ground and aerial defense, transnational threats and law enforcement issues under the joint declaration, the White House said in a news release published Tuesday.

The Baltic States also agreed to set aside budget for defense spending and align the U.S. European Reassurance Initiative and other U.S.-backed deterrence and security measures in support of NATO’s efforts to build up its defense posture and promote regional and national security.

The four countries also plan to expand their cooperation in the areas of cyber defense, critical infrastructure and energy security under the declaration.

The countries reaffirmed their strategic alliance during U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Latvia.

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