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Army Materiel Command, Training and Doctrine Command Co-Host Innovation Summit 3

InnovationLightBulbThe U.S. Army Materiel Command and the Army Training and Doctrine Command have co-hosted the Army Innovation Summit 3 held on Aug. 16 and 17 at the College of William and Mary in support of a long-term Innovation Campaign Plan focused on the service branch’s modernization.

The Army Research Laboratory said Tuesday military and civilian leaders across the military body have worked to identify opportunities to impact and innovate the Army materiel life cycle through the help of industry and academia partners.

“Throughout the summit the focus was on innovation … When you think about what’s next, you have to come back to disruptive innovation and the breakthrough domain; that is where ARL lives,” said Phil Perconti, ARL director.

“We are very much about transitioning fundamental understanding, foundational understanding of the way you take science and technology, and apply it to Army problems.”

ARL said it featured three exhibits on cooperative guard, advanced protection technologies and fuel cell powered Stalker XE unmanned aerial systems which were among the highlighted collaborative programs and across the Army science and technology community.

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