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CIO Pamela Dyson Describes SEC’s Cloud Adoption, Big Data Initiatives

Pamela Dyson
Pamela Dyson

Pamela Dyson, chief information officer at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, told Federal Times in an interview published Tuesday that SEC works to build a cloud framework designed to help the agency securely access and manage information as well as derive insights from big data.

Federal agencies should “make sure that the governance and strategy piece is well thought out within collaboration with the business to ensure that as you move instances to the cloud that you know it will not have an adverse impact on business operations,” Dyson told Federal Times senior staff reporter Carten Cordell.

Dyson also cited SEC’s efforts to support the agency’s big data and analytics programs, such as the launch of a business process reengineering initiative to determine processes that can be automated and establishment of an infrastructure that works to support data ingestion and analysis efforts.

SEC also initiated server visualization and updates to its storage platforms in order to reduce the agency’s data center footprint, Dyson told the publication.

Dyson was appointed full-time CIO of SEC in February 2015 four months after she started to serve in that position on an interim basis.

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