Commerce Dept to Launch Challenge for IT Systems to Drive Port Information Sharing

Commerce-DepartmentThe Commerce Department will launch a national technology challenge to produce open-source port information-sharing platforms designed to support local seaports and relevant stakeholders.

The competition will require teams to create port community system prototypes that work to support secure data-sharing between stakeholder communities of specific ports in line with the recommended data elements of the advisory committee on supply chain competitiveness, the Commerce Department said Wednesday.

ACSCC members will deliver industry knowledge to guide the teams during the competition.

A panel of experts will judge the prototypes based on design creativity, practicality, information security, flexibility, interoperability and other criteria.

The Commerce Department said it will share the prototypes with ports and supply chain stakeholders as part of the department’s best practices report set to be published by the end of the year.

The information-sharing platforms will work to raise awareness of cargo flow and port operating status and foster information sharing and collaboration between stakeholders to drive cargo flow at seaports.

The department added that the systems will also aim to help U.S. ports meet goals such as operational efficiency, accelerated cargo flow, lower port and supply chain congestion and regular handling of container megavessels.

Industry participants at the regional port roundtable at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in April asked Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker to promote port community systems and seek recommendations from ACSCC about the specific maritime cargo status data elements needed by seaports and stakeholders to encourage collaboration and information sharing.

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