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DHS Org Seeks Flood Response, Resilience Strategies; Daniel Cotter Comments

floodingThe first responders group within the Department of Homeland Security’s science and technology directorate seeks public input that can assist flood-related research and development efforts.

FRG seeks answers to a set of questions about data sources, information sharing platforms and emergency-specific support efforts to facilitate future flood response preparation, DHS said Thursday.

The queries are part of the group’s National Conversation on Flood Resilience with the goal “to gather firsthand testimonies and best practices from those who have lived through the worst of floods,” the department added.

FRG collaborates with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Weather Service to help communities reduce harm and recover from disasters through a set of tools and programs such as the five-year Flood Apex Program designed to help first responders perform their duties.

“The goals of the Flood Apex Program are to save lives, decrease uninsured losses and reduce property damage,” said Daniel Cotter, FRG director.

“FRG hopes to achieve this by increasing access to community, regional, and national data and information sources; analytical tools; and other resources that may help everyone make better flood resilience decisions,” Cotter added.

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