DHS Seeks Input on Critical Infrastructure Positioning, Navigation, Timing Requirements

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solutions-worldThe Department of Homeland Security has solicited input from the critical infrastructure sector for a study that seeks to validate existing and future positioning, navigation and timing requirements.

DHS released Sept. 22 public notice in the Federal Register to invite industry to participate in the study meant to address the need for precise timing within the critical infrastructure sectors.

DHS’ Science and Technology Directorate and the National Protection and Programs Directorate’s Office of Infrastructure Protection will coordinate with the Transportation Department, which also seeks to implement PNT requirements for the transportation sector, to facilitate the study.

The department aims to use study findings to support PNT services development efforts, according to the notice.

DHS said the research project will initially focus on timing requirements within the electricity and wireless communications sectors.

Interested organizations or individuals can submit input through Feb. 28, 2017.