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DHS Unveils Upcoming Roadway Safety Device for First Responders

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The Department of Homeland Security has unveiled an upcoming early-warning system that aims to minimize the risk of dangerous vehicle collisions for first responders in emergency scenes.

Applied Research Associates will develop the Automated Driver and Responder Alert System to warn approaching drivers within an emergency area, increase visual presence of first responders and provide visual, tactile and audible alerts to both responders and motorists, DHS said Wednesday.

“The objective of this effort is to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology into existing gear and equipment to reduce the number of responder and civilian fatalities,” said Angela Ervin, program manager of the DHS science and technology directorate’s First Responders Group.

ADRAS will work to emit an audible warning for incoming drivers to slow down and take caution then will intensify its warnings by illuminating or sounding an alarm from the responder safety vests if a vehicle does not take heed of the initial warning.

DHS tasked ARA to develop the responder safety technology in August under a two-year, $648,880 contract.

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