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Lt. Gen. Nadja West: Readiness Top Priority for Army Medical Command

medical health doctorLt. Gen. Nadja West, surgeon general of the U.S. Army and commander of Army Medical Command, has pinpointed readiness as the single number one priority for the command during a forum held Thursday in Washington, the Army News Service reported Saturday.

David Vergun writes West told audience at a forum hosted by the Association of the United States Army’s Institute of Land Warfare that she believes the service branch’s medical readiness is a three-pronged effort.

She said the first element calls for a medically-ready force that is prepared to perform any operation and the second prong seeks a medical capability for future Army and joint force missions.

West added the third element of the branch’s medical readiness should focus on taking care of soldiers and their families.

The report said Army researchers currently develop new technologies at various laboratories across the U.S. in efforts to help protect soldiers in the battlefield.

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