Navy Evaluates Strike Group Capacity at 2016 USS Dahlgren Demo Event

U.S. NavyThe U.S. Navy has evaluated a strike group in various areas such as gun weapon systems, combat systems and interoperability with surface and air assets at the 2016 USS Dahlgren demonstration.

According to a report published by the Navy’s information technology magazine, the USS Dahlgren cybernetic laboratory tested engagement coordination with virtual and hardware representations of systems on the USS John C. Stennis, USS Bunker Hill and USS Independence.

The report noted that the live fire engagements demonstrated the successful integration of currently fielded systems including MH-60R and MH-60S Seahawk helicopters with new technologies such as the Virtual Automatic Scoring System.

“This demonstration integrated capabilities across multiple laboratories, utilizing unmanned and manned sensor platforms, engaging a hostile swarm threat of surface craft attacking a virtual naval battlegroup consisting of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier, an Aegis class cruiser and an Independence class Littoral Combat Ship,” said Neil Baron, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division scientist for combat control.

“Combining live, virtual and constructive assets such as the Roadhawk, virtualized and hardware-in-the-loop ship simulations, and the LCS 30 millimeter gun here at Dahlgren, make it possible to evaluate how multiple Navy assets will work together,” said Amy Markowich, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Integrated Battlespace Simulation and Test Department director.

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