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Navy to Commission USS Montgomery Independence-Class LCS; Ray Mabus Comments

Littoral Combat ShipThe U.S. Navy will commission its newest Independence-class littoral combat ship designed to support operations in near-shore and open-ocean environments.

The service branch said Thursday it will hold the USS Montgomery commissioning activity Sept. 10 in Mobile, Alabama.

“The commissioning of USS Montgomery is not only a celebration of the partnership we share with the people of a great southern capital, but also of our nation’s highly skilled shipbuilders who… will help us continue to grow the fleet to more than 300 ships by the end of this decade,” said Ray Mabus, secretary of the Navy.

USS Montgomery was named after Alabama’s capital that in turn was named after Richard Montgomery, who was a continental army officer.

LCS units perform mine warfare, anti-submarine warfare and surface warfare missions and can be classified under the Freedom and Independence variants.

Lockheed Martin leads work on the Freedom variant while Austal USA heads the team working on the Independence variant.

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