US, South Korea Vow to Uphold UN Sanctions on North Korea

partnershipPresident Barack Obama said the U.S. will team up with South Korea and other allies in efforts to ensure that the latest United Nations sanctions against North Korea’s missile launches are implemented fully.

Obama said in his remarks published Tuesday that both he and South Korean President Park Geun-hye condemn what he calls the “provocations” by North Korea.

“North Korea’s nuclear test earlier this year and continued missile launches are fundamentally threatening the security of both the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia,” said Park.

“The United States and [South] Korea have agreed to faithfully implement U.N. Security Council resolutions and further strengthen our efforts to seal the loopholes and sanctions implementation.”

Park also said the implementation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 2270 will help deter the advancement of North Korea’s nuclear and missile capacity.

The South Korean leader added she has agreed with Obama to extend cooperation on global health, climate change and space as well as expand roles in areas such as peacekeeping operations and development to boost overall U.S.-South Korea relations.

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