USAF Opens KC-46 Aircraft Training Center, Activates 56th Air Refueling Squadron

KC-46 Pegasus Training Center LaunchThe U.S. Air Force has opened a new training center at Altus Air Force Base in Oklahoma to house all Boeing-built KC-46 Pegasus aerial refueling tanker formal training activities.

The Leverett Formal Training Center will support subsequent aerial refueling and joint service operations as the training ground for all KC-46 aircrew members, Air Force said Wednesday.

The service branch held a ceremony Tuesday to mark the dedication of the training center in conjunction with the activation of the 56th Air Refueling Squadron.

“The 56th ARS activation and dedication of the formal training unit is truly a paradigm shift in air refueling and continuation of the long tradition of the 56th [ARS],” said Lt. Col. Daniel Ruttenber, commander of the squadron.

The 56th ARS is set to begin aircrew member training this fall.

KC-46 training will include pilot and boom operator simulators for hands-on training before participants proceed to in-flight training operations.

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