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Army Research Lab Demos Autonomy Concepts to Japan Defense Sector Delegation

japanese-industry-representatives-visit-armyA team of researchers at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory have demonstrated future autonomous technologies before a delegation from the Japanese Association of Defense Industries on Wednesday.

David McNally of ARL Public Affairs wrote in a blog post published Thursday the lab briefed the visiting group on human-robot interactions and perception in small robots, while the delegation briefed researchers on current unmanned systems research in Japan.

Retired Japanese Lt. Gen. Mimoto Akiyo of IHI Aerospace Co. Ltd. said his delegation visited to attend the Association of the United States Army exhibition and conference in Washington.

“The purpose of this visit is to understand what technologies will feed the Third Offset Strategy,” said Akiyo.

The strategy comprises advanced projects in robotics, miniaturization and manufacturing.

Stephen Nogar, an ARL postdoctoral fellow, demonstrated research on a small unmanned aircraft system and said he currently studies the use of autonomous computer vision and sensing onboard the UAS.

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