Curt Dukes Outlines NSA Role in Cyber Defense Mitigation Efforts

Curtis Dukes
Curtis Dukes

Curt Dukes, the National Security Agency‘s deputy national manager for national security systems, has discussed NSA’s role in the development of cyber defense mitigation efforts and response to intrusions in the public and private sectors, DoD News reported Thursday.

Amaani Lyle writes Dukes discussed NSA’s incident-response work after incidents in computer networks of the Office of Personnel Management, State Department, Defense Department and other commercial companies at the American Enterprise Institute on Tuesday.

Dukes noted  NSA has implemented anti-exploitation features in a Windows environment as well as developed an application whitelist of trusted websites in support of efforts to mitigate an attacker’s cyber intrusion life cycle.

DoD also implements a host-based intrusion prevention system to perform daily antivirus protection through assessments of an adversary’s capacity for attacks.

“As a nation we have to rethink how we’re actually organized when we do cyber defense to protect the whole of the nation — not only government, but also our key industry sectors,” said Dukes.

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