DHA Adds 25 New Lab-Developed Tests for Tricare Availability

medical health doctorThe Defense Health Agency has updated its policies to make 25 additional laboratory developed tests available to Tricate patients via the DHA Evaluation of Non-U.S. Food and Drug Administration Approved Laboratory Developed Tests Demonstration Project.

DHA said Friday the new set of LDTs include noninvasive prenatal screening tests that help providers screen expectant mothers for trisomies 13, 18, 21, X and Y in pregnancies with a risk of fetal aneuploidy.

The demonstration project covers approximately 100 total LDTs on cancer diagnosis, risk and treatment, blood or clotting disorders, genetic diseases and neurological conditions.

DHA says the demonstration helps the Defense Department perform evaluations of laboratory developed tests, establish a list of tests that will be deemed as “safe and effective” as well as a process to add new tests to the list.

A full list of LDTs covered under the demonstration can be found on this link.

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