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GSA Unveils iBook Version of Federal Acquisition Regulation

mobile appThe General Services Administration has released an iBook version of the Federal Acquisition Regulation to offer contracting officers, contractors and business owners information on the federal government’s purchasing process.

Jeff Koses, senior procurement executive at GSA’s Office of Government-wide Policy, wrote in a blogpost published Tuesday the agency sought to support people on the go and the iBook version of the FAR will also give volunteer first responders continuous access to the material.

“We’ve had multiple requests for a downloadable version of the FAR because contracting exists regardless of whether there’s a strong wifi signal where you are,” said Dan Briest, program manager of Acquisition.gov for GSA.

The downloadable FAR is designed to perform the same functionality incorporated on all iBooks such as searches, notes and highlighting or section saving and owners will receive notifications on updates that will be added to the document.

GSA is also looking to release an iBook copy of the Federal Management Regulation and Federal Travel Regulation as well as a downloadable FAR document on the Kindle and Google Play stores.

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