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Marine Corps Launches New Tech Discovery Task Force

AmphibiousTransportDockMaj. Jim Foley of the U.S. Marine Corps‘ Ellis Group has said the service branch has established a new task force that works to find existing systems to help exploit gaps in enemy defenses for Marine amphibious vehicles to maneuver from shore to shore, Marine Corps Times reported Saturday.

Jeff Schogol writes the new task force will evaluate everything from drone boats to electronic deception to help Marines possess technologies that can help raiders and landing teams get to shore.

Foley told Marine Corps Times that the service branch could possess different vehicles and have en route fire support to aid missions that will take warfighters to shore.

He added that the task force will also look to boost information warfare capacities to support the C2 capacities of commanders during operations in a push to assist the decision making process.

Foley said industry, academia and government think tanks will gather at Camp Pendleton in April to demonstrate technologies that will help meet the Marine Corps’ needs which the task force will then hope to use in an amphibious exercise.

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