NASA Goddard Interns Conduct Space Comms, Navigation Projects; Mike Weiss Comments

space-engineeringNASA hired interns during the summer to support the explorations and space communications projects division at the agency’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

Forty-eight students from 25 different U.S. schools participated in internship programs run by the Space Communications and Navigation Program Office that works to integrate NASA’s deep space, space and near-Earth networks, the agency said Monday.

The projects focused on high-efficiency radios for use in small satellites known as CubeSats and theoretical communications methods for financial management.

“Our assignments were specifically targeted at enhancing SCaN’s network capabilities, technology infusion and gains in process efficiency,” said Mike Weiss, ESC associate program manager at the Goddard Space Flight Center.

The interns submitted their work to SCaN and ESC leadership at the end of the summer.

One project that resulted from the internship is NEN Now, an online simulated interface to display the activities of the Near Earth Network and its components.

ESC software engineer Ryan Turner led the interface’s development and NASA plans to release it on both web and mobile platforms later this year.

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