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Navy Tests Hellfire Missile for LCS Surface Warfare Module

Littoral Combat ShipThe U.S. Navy‘s program executive office for littoral combat ships has conducted a restrained firing test of a missile technology currently in developmental testing for integration into the LCS Surface-to-Surface Missile Module.

The Longbow Hellfire Missile was tested at the Naval Surface Warface Center Dalhgren Division’s explosive experimental area to evaluate its capacity to withstand heat and fire in situations such as unplanned rocket motor ignition, Navy said Thursday.

Navy plans to deploy the Longbow Hellfire missile capacity aboard an LCS in December 2017 and a structural test firing of the weapon from an LCS is scheduled to occur in March 2017.

Capt. Ted Zobel, Navy program manager for the LCS Mission Module Program, said the service branch conducted the test as part of efforts geared toward fielding the missile technology to LCS and the fleet.

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