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Navy to Work on Updates for Sailor Pay, Personnel Support System

U.S. NavyThe U.S. Navy has identified new actions in an effort to update its pay and personnel services for sailors.

The military branch said Friday it plans to perform organizational shifts, reform the sailor and command self-service system, update training for pay and personnel professionals, as well as assign additional military staff to Personnel Support Detachments across the nation.

The Navy will also rename the command pass coordinator position to command pay and personnel administrator, which includes responsibility for command-level accountability, auditability and engagement to the assigned PSD.

“Our efforts are aimed at having a sailor-focused pay and personnel support system that is highly trained, auditable and enhanced by today’s technology,” said Dave Menzen, director of the Navy’s total force manpower, training and education requirements division.

All Navy commands and detachments with an independent unit identification will be assigned a CPPA who will have monthly engagements designed to identify available resources and pursue training, guidance and clarification on the pay and personnel system, the Navy said.

The service branch added it will also establish the Navy Enlisted Classification code of 95AD for CPPAs that will require CPPAs to complete the training course and apply their skills across the fleet.

“The partnership between commands and their supporting PSD is the key to providing sailors with accurate and timely personnel and pay support,” said Capt. Steven Friloux, commanding officer of the Navy’s pay and personnel support center.

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