Peter Lavoy: US-India Relationship Presents Opportunities to Incoming Administration

Peter Lavoy
Peter Lavoy

Peter Lavoy, the National Security Council’s senior official for South Asia, believes trade and security relationships between the U.S. and India present opportunities to the next administration, USNI News reported Wednesday.

Lavoy told an audience at the Center for Strategic and International Studies both countries are converging on regional matters and have a shared interest in security, John Grady reports.

He cited agreements on counterterrorism as a way to share information, train homeland security forces and develop a framework on cyber policy, according to the report.

He also mentioned the Defense Technology and Trade Initiative as one area that could help beef up the U.S.-India ties through greater understanding of systems related to licensing, co-design and co-production in antisubmarine warfare, aircraft and carriers, the report says.

Lavoy also noted that more than 30 percent of the bulk cargo and two-thirds of petroleum exports travel across the Indian Ocean, Grady reports.

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