White House Releases Open Source Code for Government’s Facebook Messenger Bot

source codeThe White House has unveiled the open-source code for a government chatbot that allows  President Barack Obama to receive messages from the public on Facebook Messenger.

Jason Goldman, chief digital officer of the White House, wrote in a blog post published Friday that the code is a Drupal module developed with boiler plate code and meant to help Drupal 8 developers launch a Facebook Messenger bot.

“While Drupal may not be the platform others would immediately consider for building a bot, this new White House module will allow non-developers to create bot interactions, and empower other governments and agencies who already use Drupal to power their digital experiences,” Goldman added.

He said the code is available for download from the White House’s account on the code repository website GitHub.

The White House released the open-source tool in an effort to encourage government agencies and developers to build similar services and connect with citizens, according to Goldman.

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