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Air Force Looks to Retrain Airmen for Undermanned Career Fields; Brian Kelly Comments

Air Force logoThe U.S. Air Force is looking to retrain more than 1,900 enlisted personnel to support approximately 95 understaffed career fields, Air Force Times reported Sunday.

Stephen Losey writes the service branch’s Non-Commissioned Officer Retraining Program also needs to retrain 292 enlisted soldiers out of 20 overstaffed Air Force specialty codes.

The report noted that most retraining opportunities are for first-term enlisted soldiers that seek to join the security forces career field that has 145 slots open under the 3P011A dog handler field and 82 slots on the 3P011B combat arms security forces.

“Training seats are at a premium and most AFSCs are at or near max capacity… Correspondingly, our retraining opportunities are limited and focus on balancing the inventory between AFSCs,” said Brian Kelly, Air Force director of military force management policy.

The service branch has developed a program called the Air Force Work Interest Navigator which uses data from inquiries on interests, skills and work histories to create a list of jobs that might suit each candidate and compare interests to entry-level AFSCs.

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