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Air Force, Navy Hold Joint Air Defense Exercise in Arabian Gulf

super-hornetThe U.S. Navy’s Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group and the U.S. Air Force held a joint air defense exercise Oct. 25 in the Arabian Gulf to accelerate integration of the two military branches’ defense strategies.

The exercise involved simulation of real-world aerial threats the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower could face during a mission, the Air Force said Tuesday.

Multiple platforms were used for the exercise such as the USS San Jacinto and USS Monterey guided-missile cruisers, the USS Hopper guided-missile destroyer and the squadrons of embarked Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 3 aboard Ike.

The Air Force also deployed two big-wing tankers and two F-22 Raptors from the 525th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron to support 13 aircraft from the Ike CSG.

The two forces were split into hostile threats and the strike group’s air defense force during the exercise to simulate actual engagements with the use of mock air-to-surface missiles.

The Ike served as a high-value unit protected by the cruisers from missile threats during the training.

“Joint missions are the cornerstone of the United States military, and our ability to work with the other services towards a common mission makes us stronger,” said Lt. Anand Jantzen, the San Jacinto’s fire control officer and liaison officer aboard Ike.

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