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Beth Cobert, Andrew Mayock: White House Unveils Guidance to Streamline Federal Hiring Process

workforceThe White House has released new guidance that seeks to establish best practices to help federal agencies address challenges related to the federal recruitment process.

Beth Cobert, acting director of the Office of Personnel Management, wrote in a blog post published Tuesday, the guidance sets three objectives to help agencies attract and retain employees and these include the need to promote collaboration among hiring managers, supervisors and human resource specialists, build up workforce planning and recruitment as well as introduce changes to assessment strategies for federal employees.

Cobert co-wrote the post with Andrew Mayock, senior adviser at the Office of Management and Budget.

The document also outlines seven best practices designed to help agencies meet the objectives, such as the involvement of hiring managers and supervisors in every phase of the recruitment process.

The guidance also calls for agencies to use data to facilitate workforce planning as well as develop applicant pools from various segments of society through outreach programs in diverse communities, Cobert and Mayock wrote.

Agencies should also consult with subject matter experts and adopt assessment tools to help evaluate applicants and their qualifications, according to the guidance.

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