Eric Fanning Plans to Discuss Army Modernization Efforts With Donald Trump’s Transition Team

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Eric Fanning
Eric Fanning
Eric Fanning

U.S. Army Secretary Eric Fanning has said at the Defense One Summit in Washington, D.C. that he wants to discuss the Army’s modernization efforts with President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team.

The Army said Friday Fanning’s priorities include “further defining what the Army of the future needs to win” as well as efforts to restructure the service branch to address current technology deployment challenges.

“As is the case in every transition, the main message is, ‘We are here, and we will do whatever is necessary to make this [transition] as smooth as possible,” Fanning said.

Fanning also seeks to work with the next administration to integrate behavioral health services into the Army’s post-deployment transition programs.

He added the Army should be prepared to do business with all industry sectors and be more open to commercial off-the-shelf technology.