GAO: DoD Needs Certifications & Training for Acquisition Intelligence Support Personnel

The Government Accountability Office has said the Defense Department should develop certifications and training for personnel that provide intelligence support for acquisition programs.

GAO said in a report issued Tuesday a lack of certifications for intelligence support personnel led the services to implement varying levels of training.

Auditors found that the U.S. Air Force requires training for intelligence support while the U.S. Army administers non-compulsory training and the U.S. Navy does not offer formal training.

DoD currently develops two tools to incorporate intelligence into major defense acquisition programs but one tool for threat information sharing lacks a communication plan to obtain user feedback, the report stated.

GAO added there is no funding mechanism to implement and operate the other DoD tool that is designed to help acquisition programs convey their needs to the intelligence community.

Auditors also recommended DoD to prioritize intelligence mission data in acquisition programs, establish a communication plan for a threat information tool and identify the need to develop another tool.

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